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Welcome on T4CDev blog

Welcome to the blog of the official developer of T4C. The old forum will be deleted in a few days to let place to the blog. We believe that this blog will be more simple for you given your comments but also to find answers and information about development. For our first news, the new more »

Version 1.71

*** Version 1.71 Official Release *** CLIENT [Add] Increase FPS to 32 (remove move kick effect) (16 always avaiable in option) [Add] In windowed mode set the display in 32 bits (no windows resolution or color table chnage) [Add] New Spell Effect [Add] New Monster [Add] New Floor 100% new floor avaiable [Add] New Wall more »


Version 1.70

*** Version 1.70 Official Release *** NEW FEATURE CLIENT [NEW] Smooth Floor 2.0. [NEW] New options client/server. [NEW] New launcher (Improved performance on logging in and out of 1.7). [NEW] Compatibility OS XP / Vista / Seven. [NEW] Player switch ( Switch player without disconnection server ). NEW FEATURE SERVER [NEW] All functions system server more »


Version 1.61

*** Version 1.61 Official Release *** [FIX] Many Client Crash/Bug fixed. [FIX] Many Server Crash/Bug fixed.


Version 1.60

*** Version 1.60 Official Release (16/10/2006) *** Resolutions from 640×480 up to 1024×768 Transparency in the interface & game (can be switched off) New atmospheric effects Floors, walls, trees, flowers.. Areas, Ice Cavern, Goblin camp, Main cities reworked Whole new interface New monster skin : Yeti New items : Flowers, Hammers, Swords, Staffs, Ham, Hats… more »


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